Vintage Style Black and Silver Bedlah

12 June, 2010 at 3:27 pm (belly dance, historical) (, , , )

For WAMED this year a group of us performed a Golden Age inspired piece to Hobak Ala Feyn, choreographed by Na’ilah and Nanda. To go with the theme, we made vintage-inspired costumes to really fit the part.

I cheated a little for the bra, using an Egyptian bra base I reworked from another costume, covered with the sequinned net fabric, added a flower made from pear shaped and rivoli Swarovski crystals, looped fringe and some assymetrical straps.

The belt I made from scratch, starting off with two layers of black drill and  one layer of light buckram. I cut the belt in one large C shape, then darted the back in two placed to get a “cupped’ shape at the back. This didn’t work terribly well, so I ended up making two seams down the back instead. This allowed for more shaping, with less pointy bits sticking up!

Once I had the base right, I sewed the sequin net to it, pleating it roughly to give a softer effect. I machine sewed this mostly, then hand stitched any pieces that weren’t sitting right. Then I added the looped fringe and another Swarovski flower on the centre front closure.

I added a dark grey, and black and silver circle skirts for fullness, some blingy jewellery and then all that was left to do was pincurl the hair, apply false eyelashes, and there you go!


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